Dubai Women Establishment hosts Dr. Moza Ghobash at Emarati Leaders Gathering

18 Jun 2012

Dubai Women Establishment has today hosted Dr Moza Ghobash, the Chairwoman of the Sheikha Shamsa bint Suhail Award for Creative Women, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in a session of the Emarati Leaders Gathering (ELG). This was in line with the strategic objective of the Establishment to present prominent women who can inspire the efforts of the UAE women toward better participation in the process of growth and development in the country. 

The gathering dealt with the position of women in different walks of life in the UAE, besides honoring creative Emirati women and encouraging and supporting them in their pursuits so the process of development in the society gets a boost. This is sure to result in enhanced creative output, as intended by the Sheikha Shamsa Award for creative women.

Shamsa Saleh, CEO of Dubai Women Establishment, said on the occassion: "Our wise leadership has always habituated us to pioneering initiatives and projects that focus on investment in the human individual who is the greatest asset of a civilized society.  The woman is naturally creative and innovative, by virtue of her deep view of her surroundings and her relations with the world outside of her. Her eagerness to interact with the various trends around her bring out her creativity in full. Woman in general and the Emirati woman in particular has succeeded in expressing herself and proving her creative abilities, even in the case of those confined to the home and the family, let alone those who excelled in different walks of life." 

In a speech delivered at the gathering, Hessa Tahlak, Director of Research and Development at Dubai Women Establishment, said that the woman of the UAE truly deserved the confidence deposed in her by the wise leadership. "She has proved her relevance at work and succeeded in occupying leadership positions in public and private organizations. She runs businesses and projects," she added.

She added that the Establishment is continuing with its efforts to help emirati working women to balance her worklife and family life. "It is providing many training programs, aimed at enhancing the capacities of the Emirati women, bringing up women leaders capable of augmenting the image of Emirati women locally and internationally at the present as well as in the future and participating in decision making in the country," she pointed out. 

Dr. Moza Ghobash called up on creative emirati women to participate in the Award. "It is not just about winning and contesting, but the award is a comprehensive creative experience. It consists of workshops, exhibitions, sessions and conferences and presents information and expertise that can help in keeping us on the path of creativity," she explained.  

At the end of the gathering, Shamsa Saleh presented the Establishment's mementos to Dr. Moza Ghobash and souvenir pictures were taken.

Dubai Women Establishment launched the UAE Leadership Forum as a platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge as well as to remember and celebrate successful and inspiring experiences. This is part of its strategy to support emirati women and to empower them to play an active role in the society. The objective of the Forum is to give an opportunity for successful leaderships to present their knowledge and experience to other aspiring women. Previous sessions of the Forum hosted a number of local and international women leaders, including Their Excellences Sheikha Lubna al Qasmi, the UAE Minister of Foreign Trade, Mitha Al Shamsi, the UAE Minister of State, Reem Al Hashmi, the UAE Minister of State and Dr. Salwa Al Jassar, Member of the Kuwaiti People's Assembly (Majlis Al-Umma) , in addition to several members of the Federal National Council.

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