52 centres across more than 20 government entities

The National Child Care Centre (NCCC) project is a landmark initiative initially launched by DWE under the direction of Her Highness Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2006. The project was launched in response to the Cabinet Decision No. 19 of 2006, which stipulates the establishment of nurseries at ministries, public institutions, authorities, government departments and courts, when the entities employ more than 50 married women or collectively have more than 20 children.

The project complements DWE’s mandate to support working mothers by providing them the convenience of a quality child care centre at their workplace


  • To promote work-life balance for female employees and encourage their participation in the workforce.
  • To enhance the standard of child care by incorporating global best practices in addition to traditional values. 
  • To create employment opportunities for Emirati women at the centres by empowering them through appropriate training and employment programs.


  • DWE has been conducting a comprehensive study on the NCCC project to identify working women’s specific needs, and to evaluate institutions’ readiness to implement the project at their premises. DWE provided employment opportunities through this initiative for more than 25 female Emirati women who majored in family sciences in university.
  • There are currently 52 National Child Care Centers (NCCCs) across more than 20 government entities.