Strengthening insight on individual leadership styles

  • DWE developed the program to enhance the skills of Emirati women and introduce key competencies designed to match the needs and strategic priorities of the UAE.
  • It involves the following four key modules designed to ensure progressive learning:
  1. Leadership 
  2. Management Acumen 
  3. Personal Development 
  4. Technical Knowledge 


  • Ensure the development of long-term and systematic leadership development for women across all cross-sections of the society.
  • Striving for a progressive and productive society through the “Change Agents Program”.
  • Increase the personal and business impact of women leadership
  • Bring together an elite group of women business leaders to share their experiences
  • Strengthen insight on individual leadership style, beliefs, values, and how to lead with different styles.
  • Empower Dubai Government for the successful implementation of the Dubai Strategic Plan through stronger women’s participation