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April 18, 2019
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  DWE Strategy
Strategic Segments Approach
The driver of DWE Strategy is a good understanding of the various needs of women in Dubai and grouping those needs under segmented theme as factors of women’s participation that the strategy would seek to support. In all cases, each of these themes have related outcomes.
  • The Deciding Women
Segment description: Deciding women are Emirati women who are able to work but choose not to work for various reasons. Some of them have worked before and left employment permanently, usually after getting married or maternity leave, while others have never worked. The strategic focus for deciding women is to identify decision making barriers and create an environment where more women are motivated and prepared to choose to enter or return to participation.
Aim: Higher Participation of women in the economy.
  • The Developing Woman
Segment description: Developing women are all Emirati women who are ‘able and willing to’ work and includes those women who are currently either in employment or seeking employment. The strategic focus for developing women is to ensure opportunities to work, develop and advance in their careers.
Aim: Higher representation of women in various fields of key sectors with continuous learning opportunities.
  • The Balancing Woman
Segment description: Balancing Women are all Emirati women who are in employment but are at risk of leaving employment due to work-life balance being a concern. The strategic focus for balancing women is to reduce the number of women who leave – as many tend not to return. For those that plan to leave temporarily (such as for maternity leave, to pursue studies, for personal reasons, etc.), the strategic focus should be to ensure they have the necessary facilities and motivation to return.
Aim: Greater retention and long term participation of women across key economic spheres.
  • The Leading Woman
Segment description: Leading Woman are all Emirati women in employment who are pursuing leadership or are currently in leadership positions. The strategic focus for this segment is to ensure that they increase in number over time, such that more women have access to skills necessary for them to achieve leadership, if they choose to.
Aim: Greater representation of women in decision making roles across key economic and social spheres
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