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April 18, 2019
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  UAE Women Leadership Program

One of the key objectives of DWE is to ‘enhance Emirati women’s skills and competencies to match the needs and strategic priorities of the UAE’. To fulfill this, DWE has introduced the path breaking initiative, the ‘UAE Women Leadership Program’. Partnering with ‘Mohammed Bin Rashid Program for Leadership Development’ (MBRPLD), objective of the initiative is to develop the skills and talent of Emirati female leaders; with emphasis on four key areas of development, with each module designed in such a way as to ensure progressive learning with no repletion.

  1. Leadership – focuses on strengthening women leadership competencies at a personal and organizational level.
  2. Management Acumen – focuses on strengthening management skills including financial management, project management, marketing, business and personal skills.
  3. Personal Development – focuses on women’s personal growth and development, career development, coaching, mentoring and action planning.
  4. Technical Knowledge – focuses on functional (job-related) training.


  • Ensure the development of long-term and systematic leadership development for women across all cross-sections of the society.
  • Striving for a progressive and productive society through the “ Change Agents Program”
  • Increasing the personal and business impact of women leadership
  • Bringing together an elite group of women business leaders to share their experiences
  • Strengthening insight on individual leadership style, beliefs, values, and how to lead with different styles.
  • Empowering Dubai Government for the successful implementation of the Dubai Strategic Plan through stronger women’s participation

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