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April 18, 2019
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  Women Leadership Exchange Program (UAE – Sweden)

Innovation today requires engagement between sectors and regions. It demands leaders who can invite people to work together in new and more effective ways. To support female leaders in today’s changing world, Dubai Women Establishment in collaboration with Women for Sustainable Growth have designed Management Leadership Program. The program aims to build a supportive community amongst the participants for co-mentorship, practice innovative methods for facilitating innovation, foster engagement with new research, and explore how each participant can, by beginning with themselves, become an innovative leader.

The program consists of two sessions, the first session is conducted in Sweden, while the second session is conducted United Arab Emirates.


  • Exploring and defining the participants personal purpose – the core of innovation
  • Practicing methods for sustainable and participatory leadership
  • Learning the recent research on leadership, cross-cultural communication and sustainability
  • Learning to work effectively between Scandinavia and the Gulf
  • Membership to the W4SG Hub and DWE network for access to research, capacity programs and business development support
  • Expose participants to practices conducted in different sectors from both regions
  • Exploring new methods of learning and developing within new environments
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